Why Should You Hire a Registered Service Provider? 

The National Impairment Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers financial assistance to Australians under 65 who have a specific type of disability. If a provider is supporting participants with restrictive practices or living in Specialist Disability Accommodation, then they must be registered with the NDIS Commission. The registered service provider must show that they meet the quality and safety requirements for the type of support they provide. These requirements are defined in the NDIS Practice Standards. 

Registered Service Provider

Once you have received your national disability Insurance scheme plan, you will have to decide which service provider you want to deliver your support to. When choosing who will provide your funded support, you have the option of choosing between registered service providers with the National Disability Insurance Agency(NDIS) and unregistered providers. 

Difference Between Unregistered and Registered Providers

For NDIS participants, the main difference is that you can access unregistered providers only when you have a plan-managed or self-managed NDIS plan. On the other hand, if you are NDIS-managed, you only have access to registered NDIS providers. If you self-manage your NDIS plan, unregistered NDIS service providers will send their invoices to you, and you will manually have to claim the funds back from NDIS using the NDIS portal, but if you are plan-managed, your plan manager will request the funds for you from NDIS.

Why Should You Hire a Registered Service Provider? 

When you hire a registered service provider, you can connect to a wide range of participants who are also meeting similar life circumstances as you. This is an underrated aspect of the NDIS experience. Registered providers are experienced, competent, and have the required qualifications and approvals to do the job properly. A registered disability service provider has to comply with specific laws, guidelines, and policies, and it creates a safe haven for the elderly or disabled participants. 

NDIS registration is a seal of approval that gives you peace of mind about the provider. You can trust them because they’ve been independently evaluated, and their service standards are high. If you’re looking for NDIS services in Sydney for yourself, or a loved one, Paradise & Paradise Care is an NDIS registered service provider that you can trust.