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Enquire About NDIS Services

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Allied health providers deliver therapeutic support to participants and are one of the largest groups of registered providers. Allied health providers provide evidence, assessments, and reports that information access and planning decisions made by NDIA delegates (planners) under the NDIS Act. 

At Paradise & Paradise Care, we provide a wide variety of NDIS clients with allied health care services. We support individuals with complex support needs, and our experience in this field helps us do an exceptional job. 

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Some of our most prominent allied health care services are as follows: 


Physiotherapy is a proven way to relieve pain and enhance mobility. Our experienced specialists guide you on crucial skills to help avoid injury and pain repetition, improve your mobility and capability for self-care, and allow you to participate in recreational activities. 

Dietary Services 

Malnutrition is a familiar health problem for individuals living with a disability. Loss of appetite due to different medical conditions, despair, difficulty communicating, and physical inability to feed themselves are all factors that can contribute to insufficient nutrition and weight loss. Our professional team of dieticians studies your nutritional needs and delivers dietary assistance to ensure your nutritional needs are consistently met each day. 


Keeping feet healthy and comfortable goes a long way towards your overall comfort and wellbeing. 

Speech Therapy 

Our speech therapy supports specialise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of communication disorders, such as difficulties with speaking, social skills, understanding language, as well as problems swallowing food or drinking safely. 

There are also allied health care services that are customized to suit the requirements of our clients. As the elderly and the disabled are all individuals with unique needs, we recognized the need for customized services so that we can help everyone accordingly.