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Positive Behaviour Support is an evidence-based approach to helping people living with a disability to both reduce behaviours of concern and increase their quality of life. This approach has proven incredibly effective in helping people with a disability to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. 

Paradise & Paradise Care’s behaviour support services are designed to motivate individuals and eliminate restrictive and negative behavioural tendencies. As Positive Behaviour Support considers the person as a whole and looks at their personal history, emotional needs, and physical health, it takes a holistic approach to treatment. 

At Paradise and Paradise Care, we take a person-centered approach to interventions and treatments and is based on the belief that an individual can accomplish their goals with treatments developed for their specific needs. It’s an outcome-focused approach that emphasises outcomes that benefit both the individual and society. 

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Positive Behavioural Support and Its Merits 

Positive Behaviour Support is proactive and focuses on teaching new life skills that replace behaviours of concern and enable individuals with a disability to lead more independent lives. An NDIS behaviour support plan is a document developed for a person with a disability by an NDIS behaviour support practitioner. It is developed in consultation with the participant, their family, carers, guardian, and other relevant people, as well as the service providers who will be implementing the plan. 

A behaviour support plan specifies a range of evidence-based and person-centered, proactive strategies that focus on the individual needs of the participant. When done correctly, an individual can build on his or her strengths, increase their participation in community activities, and increase their life skills significantly. Learning, skill development, consistency, and gaining confidence are rewarding to use and to the person with a disability. 

At Paradise, we have a team of Behaviour Support Practitioners with extensive experience who provide specialist behaviour support to help you lead a happier, more fulfilling life.