What is NDIS

What is NDIS?

NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which helps those who have a permanent and serious disability that limits their capacity to take part in daily activities. The NDIS gives you more options and flexibility over how and when you receive your support while ensuring you get the help you need for the rest of your life.

Are you eligible for NDIS

Are you Eligible for NDIS?

To be eligible for the NDIS, you must fulfil the following requirements: 

  • have a permanent and significant disability that interferes with your ability to participate in daily activities
Are you new to NDIS

Are you new to NDIS?

NDIS is Australia’s largest association for non-government disability service-based organizations, and it is the only organization that supports the full range of disability service providers across the country. The size of our members varies from small support groups to large multi-service organizations.

Are you looking for a new NDI

Are you Looking For a new NDIS Provider?

Finding the correct support worker for your loved ones can make a significant difference in their capacity to live a full life and achieve their goals. You need to be able to trust the healthcare providers, as they will be spending an extended period of time with the care receiver. 

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How NDIS Works
NDIS Service Provider
How NDIS Works
NDIS Service Provider
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Welcome - Paradise and Paradise Care

Welcome to

Paradise & Paradise Care

Paradise and Paradise Care is your one-stop resource for all things related to NDIS. Whether you want to apply for NDIS funding, personal assistance, want to be a bigger part of a community, or require help with accommodation, we can help you with it all. 

Paradise and Paradise Care is a government-approved organization specializing in providing care for the elderly, disabled, and vulnerable individuals in society. At its heart, NDIS gives people with disability control and choice. NDIS Participants can have a range of supports funded in their plans according to their situation, needs, and goals. Transport facilities, education, personal nursing care, NDIS housing Provider, aids, and therapy are some of the most important needs for the elderly and disabled. However, in our current society, it is difficult to reach out for some guidance and care. At Paradise and Paradise Care, we believe that every single soul on earth deserves gentle care
Whether it’s providing assistance around the home, offering companionship, facilitating attendance at work or training, or coordinating and providing support for social outings, we do all we can to enable people with disability to enjoy a full and rewarding life. We can provide a range of services based on what you, or your loved one, wants or needs, and can assist you occasionally, or as often as you’d like.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is an NDIS service provider?

A provider is a person, company, or organisation that provides NDIS-funded services to participants. Provider such as Paradise and Paradise Care, have varying levels of knowledge and skill.

It is critical to select the proper providers to match your requirements. Providers can be major corporations, charities, tiny non-profits, solo proprietors, or any other form of company.

What services can NDIS provider offer?

Participants receive financing in their plans to access “reasonable and necessary” services and supports to assist them in achieving their objectives.

These supports are divided into different category according to their function. These include:

Each support category consists of numerous supports and services covered in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements, Price Limits, and Support Catalogue.

The Support Catalogue is an exhaustive listing of support categories, support item numbers, and support line items associated with registration groups. This can assist providers in determining which support to apply for.

How to Choose The Right Registered NDIS Provider?

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission has registered a number of providers. This indicates that their services meet stringent quality and safety standards. We refer to them as “NDIS-registered providers.” Visit the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission website for more information.

We refer to a provider who is not registered with the Commission as a “unregistered provider.”

Typically, you can choose any service provider you wish. For some types of supports, you must use NDIS-registered providers.

Help is available from your Early Childhood Partner, Local Area Coordinator, Support Coordinator, and Recovery Coach. We cannot recommend specific service providers. However, we can inform you of the various service providers in your area so you can choose which ones to use.

You can also search for providers online, read reviews, or seek advice from family and friends. Before choosing a provider, it is advisable to speak with multiple vendors.