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SDA Housing Provider

If you have an extreme functional impairment or require high support to maintain your life, you should go for the Specialist Disability Accommodation or SDA scheme. This will let you live a more independent life safely.

Under NDIS housing NSW, you have the chance to live with like-minded individuals. It let you live in a house or apartment with other people who are also under the support of disability housing providers. So, you won’t feel isolated at all and everyone can understand what you are going through! It’s indeed important to live in a place where you can easily connect with other people.

The special accommodation also ensures that you don’t have to worry about the right care or even depend on your family member for support. And you can have your own room and privacy as you need.

In case you are looking for an NDIS SDA housing provider in Australia, You can put your trust in Paradise and Paradise Care. With our sincerity and careful approach, we always ensure the best for our customers.

SDA Housing Provider

Benefits You Will Get from Us

The advantages you will get from specialist disability accommodation are limitless. You can enjoy the followings –

  • An independent life.
  • A private place with access to support and cares.
  • A tailored environment that is perfect for you.
  • You don’t have to be dependent on your family and enjoy a quality relationship with them.
  • The chances of living with people in a similar situation.
  • Opportunity to socialise.
  • Controls your everyday tasks – going for a walk, cooking something, watching your favourite TV program – as you wish!
  • Living a stress-free life.
  • Assistance in preparing meals, medical support, and so on.

What Makes Paradise and Paradise Care A Good Choice?

  • We are a registered NDIS service provider and also have the qualification to provide SDA service.
  • We prioritize your every need and come up with the best solution for you.
  • In any of your unique demands like you are comfortable living close to your family and friends, or if you need special equipment, you can always get our support.
  • We make sure to provide quality care at a reasonable price.

Well, don’t let your disabilities stop you from living your own life. You have the opportunity to enjoy independence and safety. However, if you need a little support to do that, you can always have our responsible team beside you.

Contact us for any information or to learn more about our service. We are waiting to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Question

What is SDA Housing Provider?

SDA is housing for people with severe functional impairments or high assistance needs. SDA homes offer accessible elements that assist residents live freely and deliver additional supports safely.

SDA-eligible participants:

  • have considerable assistance needs or severe functional impairment
  • satisfy NDIS funding and disability accommodation needs
  • SDA Operational Guideline has more info about eligibility.

SDA helps the market develop high-quality, modern, accessible, well-designed housing for SDA participants. SDA providers receive building and maintenance funding directly. Participants pay rent and other living costs like power bills.

SDA isn’t for all disabled persons. NDIS chooses SDA residents. You must have a severe disability or substantial support needs to qualify.

Extreme functional impairment means you require help doing things like:

High support needs mean daily support for many hours. Your parents may provide a lot of help, but they’re becoming older, or you may have lived in a group home or nursing home for a long period. It may also suggest you act unsafely sometimes. Make “I wish to live as independently as possible” one among your NDIS goals if you want them to consider SDA.

Physically disabled people who want to live in a house with the proper supports to maximise independence.

Very high support needs include:

  • Informal care can’t match needs
  • Long-term group home or aged care resident
  • Risky behaviours

An NDIS plan lists SDA as ‘Capital Supports’ and includes the Design Category and location financed. Improved Living, Fully Accessible, Robust, High Physical Support.

4. What are the benefits of SDA?

Disability-specific housing has various benefits. Some benefits:

  • A secluded environment with 24/7 Carers. SDA allows you to live with other disabled people but in your own private room. This suggests you’re close to care but more autonomous.
  • Lower family stress. SDA decreases family stress by offering individualised housing and care. You and your family may enjoy time together without worrying about care.
  • Living alongside peers with similar limitations or hardships. They’re NDIS participants who get it. Being with like-minded people might be helpful. It reduces loneliness, provides a support network, and helps you feel connected. You’ll have more social possibilities.
  • SDA gives you more independence and control over daily tasks. You decide how you spend your time. This may be walking outside, making dinner, or watching TV.

Support Workers’ aid reduces stress. Support workers provide meals, help with medical requirements, and provide extra attention. NDIS participants can choose their own Support Worker(s).