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Assistance with social and community participation is part of the NDIS plan. It is one of the support categories under Core support. Addressing and encouraging community participation and its inclusion for people with disability typically has significant benefits.

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The Benefits of Community Participation

Community participation among the elderly, disabled, and vulnerable can lead to an improvement in the behaviour and attitude of people with disabilities as well as their families and carers. It can reduce longer-term care and support which may be required. This can automatically result in a reduction in costs. Providing mobility services to people with a moderate level of disability like vision or hearing impairment can reduce the chances of facing any accidents which can lead to further accidents or disability.

How Paradise And Paradise Care Can Help

The need and requirement for assistance with social and community_ participation are typically assessed by the NDIS plan on one to one basis. It will be decided based on your requirement. Hence it is important to discuss your goals and your expectation in detail with Paradise & Paradise Care to help you in availing of the benefits. 

From our experience, Increasing and supporting community participation for people who have any form of disability can have significant benefits, including improved well-being. Several improvements have been noticed and seen across employment, health, income, education, and much more. Improving access to community interaction can also reduce longer-term care and support. 

Research shows that people with a disability experienced low perceived social support, loneliness, and social isolation at higher rates than people without disabilities. Luckily, community participation can assist such individuals to cope with challenges and help people living with a disability lead more independent lives.