About Us

paradise and paradise care

Paradise and Paradise Care strives to stand up for the individuals in society who are too vulnerable to speak for themselves. We want to provide care, assistance, love, and mental strength to the helpless. With the government’s mandated NDIS scheme, we gain more strength and can approach the process in a more systematic manner. At Paradise and Paradise Care, we provide a wide array of personal care services for the elderly, disabled, and vulnerable individuals in society, and we do so in compliance with the NDIS.

paradise and paradise care

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for Australians with disabilities. This national disability scheme has far-reaching benefits focused on enhancing equality and inclusiveness for those with disabilities to live normal, fulfilled lives. NDIS was started in 2012 and was launched nationally in 2016. It has helped many people with disability to receive the support they require to live their everyday life comfortably and independently. With the help of NDIS, Australians with a disability can fully enjoy the fruits of regular life. 

Having a disability shouldn’t affect your quality of life, even if you need assistance in the home. The national disability scheme means that everybody who falls within the remit is entitled to receiving funding towards the cost of care, enabling them to live fuller life. It doesn’t matter what state or territory you or your loved one lives in, the national disability scheme ensures there is a safety net for all Australians. The NDIS has consistently applied the same way across all parts of the country. 

The national disability scheme ensures all Australian citizens regardless of their disability have equal access to healthcare on a national level. About paradise and paradise care, We are a part of the bigger picture and through us, application, meeting the eligibility criteria, and availing of the services becomes much easier. The NDIS is a core part of us being able to deliver on our vision of being life-enabling. We believe that everybody should be entitled to the assistance that they need regardless of their situation. We’ll support you along your NDIS claim journey and help you get the care you need.