Who is Eligible for Independent Living?

Supported independent living is a type of assistance that helps disabled people. People with disabilities who require regular assistance with their daily activities are eligible for an independent living program. This includes assistance or supervision with daily activities such as hygiene or meal preparation. It allows disabled people to live as autonomously as possible. This includes overnight assistance as well.

Who is Eligible for Independent Living?

Independent living support assistance includes:

  • Assistance with personal care activities and providing help with day-to-day chores
  • Support you in gaining skills for autonomy, enable you to develop your abilities in areas such as meal preparing and cooking, washing, and building a routine help you develop your interpersonal skills

Assistance with supervision, personal safety, and security assistance

  • Assistance with medical appointments and medication
  • Wherever possible, assistance with getting to and from community access programs.
  • Assistance to find the right housing choices.
  • Modifications of furniture or appliances with assistive technology to make your current house more disability-friendly.
  • Specialized care and accommodation for those with extremely complicated needs.

Home and Living Supports Request Form

The NDIS is striving to provide its members with more options for receiving funded support in their homes. Participants in the NDIS are advised to apply for independent support if they need specialized care. They can fill up the Home and Living Supports Request Form, the NDIA will review the material on this form as well as any other supporting paperwork. This information will be used by the NDIA to determine relevant home and lifestyle services that can help the participant achieve their goals.

Participants or a representative, such as a close relative, partner, or supervisor, can also fill out the form on someone else’s behalf. You can fill out this form online or print it out and send it to the NDIA manually. If you need any further information or help regarding independent living support, our staff at Paradise and Paradise Care are just a click away!