What Does SDA Provider Do?

Specialist Disability Accommodation or SDA is a housing planning designed by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The demand for this service is increased rapidly over the past years and so do the number of SDI providers. If you are wondering about What Does SDA Provider Do? This article is for you. It will tell you all the ins and outs of NDIS housing providers. So without further ado, let’s jump into the details.

What Is SDA Housing?

Before learning about the providers, learn about the SDA accommodation first. Basically, SDA is a range of housing with special facilities that let NDIS participant get their appropriate care.

Eligible NDIS participants are funded under this scheme to cover the capital costs of the home they are moved into. According to the Australian Government, the expected fund will be AU$700 million per year when the scheme will run to its full capacity.

The SDA is an individualized model that brings several benefits. Including the followings –

  • An individual can choose their home as they wish.
  • They can access their health benefit easily.
  • The funding can flow to a wide range of providers.
What Does SDA Provider Do?

What Does A SDA Provider do?

Now it’s time to see what an SDA provider does. An NDIS provider is bound to follow the below responsibility during the residency.

  • Treats every resident with respect.
  • Protects their privacy and doesn’t share their personal and health information.
  • If the provider has any type of conflict that might hamper the service, they must declare it beforehand.
  • Meet all the unique demands of the participant. Make sure all the medical equipment is installed properly if needed.
  • Maintain the overall property and do repairs wherever it needs.
  • Must report to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission annually and show that your facility is meeting all the requirements properly.
  • Ensure security on the whole property.
  • A provider can’t refuse to let a resident keep a pet unless the pet has health and safety issue or the other residence don’t want to live with a pet.

What If A Provider Doesn’t Do The Job Properly?

A resident can give providers a breach of duty notice if the provider does the following.

  • Can’t carry out their responsibilities.
  • Don’t follow the rental laws.
  • Don’t follow the agreement.
  • Don’t maintain the property properly.
  • Takes a longer time than usual for the renovation and repair works.
  • Don’t try to minimize the residence inconvenience during repairing and renovation work.
  • Refuse to allow a resident to keep their pet without any valid reason.

As a resident, if any of the above situations happen, you can give a Breach of duty notice. Your provider then has to fix the issue within 14 days or pay compensation.

Can A Provider Give A Resident a Breach of Duty Notice?

A provider can also their resident a legal notice if they do the following –

  • Purposely damage or destroy any part of the property.
  • Create a risky situation in the facility like starting a fire or making a health or safety hazard.
  • Don’t pay the repair fee after breaking down something purposely.
  • Keep a pet without getting written permission from the provider.
  • Don’t let the provider enter the property.

Final Words

Now you know what SDA providers do. So, while looking for SDA providers in NSW, make sure they can fulfil the responsibilities properly. Your provider is responsible to meet all your demands. So, seek out help for any kind of problem.