How Long Can You Stay in Supported Accommodation?

The NDIA strives to provide its participants with more alternatives for setting up support in their homes. A well-designed house in an appropriate location can enable a more autonomous living situation, increased community involvement, and access to social resources.

The NDIS can also pay for home modifications that make a participant’s house more disability-friendly. Home modifications (HM) are adjustments to your home’s construction, design, or fittings that allow you to access it securely and move around pleasantly. The Scheme can also help participants live comfortably by providing support such as personal care to assist with grooming or bathing, as well as assistance with food preparation and housekeeping.

How Long Is Supported Accommodation?

If an aligned home and living goal cannot be achieved through mainstream, informal, community, or other services, NDIS participants are advised to complete a Home and living supports request form. The NDIA will review the information given in this application and any additional supporting material. The NDIA will utilize this information to determine relevant home and living funding support choices to help the participants accomplish their objectives.

How Long Can You Stay in Supported Accommodation?

The NDIS can fund:

Short-term accommodation

Short-term housing provides funds for when someone requires care and somewhere to stay for a short amount of time away from their usual home. It covers all expenses at another location for up to 14 days. It can be a brief visit with others or by oneself. It’s frequently financed to help someone try new things or when their regular caregivers are unavailable for a short amount of time. Short-term housing funding is not intended to provide crisis housing or prevent homelessness.

Medium-term accommodation

This is an intermediate alternative that may be given while they wait for a verified long-term housing choice or home improvements to be completed. Medium-term housing can be rented for up to 90 days. Care and other daily needs are not covered by financing for medium-term housing.
The NDIS pays for Medium Term Accommodation, so you have a home to live in while you wait for your long-term housing solution to be verified. They will only fund it if you are currently receiving disability-related assistance and have a proven long-term housing solution.

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